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Dalekh is a cutting edge digital menu and recipe guide that serves as your one-stop resource to finding the finest African, Caribbean, and Soul Food dining services and restaurants around the world.

Dalekh’s menu and recipe guide thrives on the plenitude and diversity of Afro-Ethnic cuisine. We believe in offering the most excellent, comprehensive, and indispensable Afro-Ethnic menu and recipe guide. We also allow our users to review restaurants. All of our users are encouraged to add restaurant reviews regardless of whether they had a pleasant or unpleasant experience. This ensures a balanced view and allows Afro-Ethnic foodies to know what to expect. In addition, our blog and social media pages will share interesting images, facts, stories, recipes, news and interviews about latest trends in the Afro-Ethnic food industry.

Join us and support our endeavor in discovering and promoting first-class African, Caribbean and Soul food cuisines all over the globe!


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