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What does “Dalekh” mean?

Dalekh is a combination of “Da” from the Duala language in Cameroon and “Lekh” from the Wolof language in Senegal. Two words which mean “eat.” The name “Dalekh” precisely reflects what our site is all about.

What selection of menus does your site feature?

Our site features menus from the African continent and the Caribbean Islands. It also features Soul Food menus from African-American cuisine. We encourage our visitors to suggest great restaurants and to share exciting recipes with the entire Dalekh world.

How can Dalekh help customers or visitors find the finest dining services and restaurants worldwide?

Dalekh has a team of professional designers, bloggers, programmers, culinary journalists, reviewers and marketing experts who work effectively to bring an amazing experience to our customers and visitors. Our team uses state-of-the-art technology to let our visitors locate top restaurants by location and by specialty. Dalekh presents detailed information, images and videos.

Does Dalekh allow users to review restaurants?

Yes. We allow our users to review restaurants. Additionally, we encourage all of our users to add restaurant reviews regardless of whether they had a pleasant or unpleasant experience. This ensures a balanced view and allows clients to know what to expect. If you did not yet add a restaurant review, we urge you to add one today! Sharing your experience will make all the difference for future patrons.

I want to submit a review or provide feedback about a specific restaurant. Where do I start?

To provide feedback, you must first register and join DalekhWorld. Feedback can be submitted through our star rating system or through a brief assessment. Feedback must be sincere, constructive and respectful. Dalekh reserves the right to remove any inappropriate and offensive comment from its site.

How do you ensure that your site has a balanced perspective?

In addition to reviewing restaurants, users can also “score” their experience using our yellow star rating system. Dalekh displays the average score from all reviews. Restaurant scores enable us to present you with the best performing restaurants in your area.

I am a customer who wants to check out a new restaurant. How can you help?

For individuals, families, administrative professionals, provides a fast, efficient way to find a restaurant that would meet your desired criteria for type of cuisine and location. (Note: For large groups, please make your reservations 48 hours in advance)

I am a restaurant owner. Can I benefit from Dalekh’s services?

You absolutely can, and we are eager to provide you with all the services that you need. Please contact us at for more info.

Who else can benefit from Dalekh’s services?

Our site is dedicated to helping all of you who are either familiar or unfamiliar with Afro-ethnic cuisine including:

  • Afro-ethnic cuisine lovers
  • Top-quality restaurant lovers
  • Curious minds ready to discover the taste of Afro-ethnic cuisine
  • Fans of Afro-ethnic cuisine recipes
  • Individuals who love to cook