What is DALEKH?

DALEKH is a revolutionary new African, Caribbean and Soul food restaurants digital guide serving both restaurants and consumers. Dalekh.com was launched as a way to offer Internet users a comprehensive website that has all the the information they are looking for when it comes to top quality African, Caribbean and Soul Food cuisine all over the world. Our main objective is to constantly interact with our restaurant customers to ensure that our members are widely exposed.

We offer a professional, cost-effective means of advertising to African restaurants from across the world. Restaurants can post their full color menus, pictures, coupons and information for a very low annual cost and a huge return on their investment.

Some of our cool membership Benefits

  • Social Media Exposure (Twitter, Facebook and Youtube)
  • Digital menus
  • Recipes
  • HD picture Gallery
  • Make your business more social
  • Videos and Interviews on Dalekh TV
  • Private accounts (Post and Edit your
    profile, get private messages and feedback from your customers)
  • Get featured on our blog and magazines
  • Catering marketing services
  • Get some local and international exposure
  • 10 hours of Marketing consulting time available with one of our consultant
  • Online reservations available (2013)
  • Online ordering (2013)
  • Custom Gift cards and Gift certificates online sales (2013)
  • Custom e-Gift cards and e-Gift certificates (2013)

Get the local and international exposure you deserve!

As a member of Dalekh.com, your menus and profiles will always be updated in order for us to always offer complete and accurate information.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your menu to us. We know that this is the best and easiest way to introduce your restaurant to millions of hungry consumers so we accept your menu information in a variety of ways. There is no cost to list your restaurant on our site, but you must be a member to be able to have your menu, pictures and videos posted!

Also we have three requirements for menus:
  • You must be a restaurant whose address is located within one of the areas covered on our site.
  • You must be able to provide a valid menu from your restaurant. In other words, WE DO NOT ACCEPT HAND-WRITTEN MENUS.
  • You must be Dalekh certified! Once you fill out the form we will contact you to confirm if you have been approved.
If you are a restaurateur interested in joining Dalekh.com
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