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OMG ! A friend of mine sent me this link and it feels good to have Dalekh bookmarked on my computer! New to Australia, now I have a great way to find good spots near my place. Good job Dalekh!!!

(Melbourne, Australia)

Dalekh simple, beau et efficace! Je like

(Nantes, France)

Oufff enfin, VERSION FRENCH! Merci Dalekh...Je reviendrai souvent sur votre site surtout pour les recettes

(Paris, France)

I am moving to Dubai in January and now I am already excited about the spots I was able to locate on Dalekh. Thanks also for the simple recipes you share..I am a Dalekh fan now

(San Diego, United States of America)

This site is sooo cool! I wish you would offer some listings of restaurants here in Memphis..I am in love with Soul Food and i feel like it`s more accessible to me now! Thanks yall

(Memphis, United States of America)

Belle initiative d’une diaspora forte et imaginative qui présente des valeurs appétissantes du wold. Bon appétit brother


C`est à se demander pourquoi ne pas y avoir pensé plus tôt!!! Excellente initiative! Big Up !Je saurai maintenant où m`arreter pour manger lorsque je pars en business trip à l`étranger et ce grace à Dalekh. A quand l`application sur smartphone? :-)

(Paris, France)

Dalekh is a really nice project that you people had made... You can find good restaurant and also great recipes out there!! i really enjoy comin on this website, keep going guyz, you make us proud to be african!!! :)


I like your recipes, i wish your site could publish more recipes during the week Thank you

(Atlanta, GA)

Simple, beautiful and user friendly! I do encourage you because this is opening the eyes of the world

(Cambridge, MA)

Hands down, with Dalekh we are now able to locate our top ethnic restaurants in our city! My husband and I are loving this website Thanks guys

(Chicago, IL)

for a long time we have been looking for something like this, on the web where we can go out to eat or if we feel lazy we can order and eat at home.

charlie boy

Ponty Bistro is now exposed to the world! Thank you team Dalekh

Chef Cisse
(New York, NY)

Dalekh is a great website for my restaurant and it meets all of my digital marketing needs! I am a great supporter of this project and I am proud to see how Afro-Ethnic cuisine will soon be gaining the attention and the respect it deserves! I am a proud member of Dalekh

Chef Marie-Claude Mendy - Teranga
(Boston, MA)

My wife and I used to live in Nigeria and we couldn`t find a place where could eat some good Fufu. Now, thanks to Dalekh, we have options not only locally but in various places around the world. Congrats

Mr and Mrs Stein
(New York, NY)

I have heard of Dalekh on Twitter many months back but I was wondering what is was....OMG now I am truly in love with this warm site. Please share some Malawi recipes lol

(Chicago, IL)

It is very hard to locate a top quality African restaurant and Dalekh has made my search easier. Thanks guys

(Philadelphia, PA)

This Dalekh website is just amazing! I love the concept and they went above and beyond what I have been looking for ...Thank you and keep up with the good work

(Miami, FL)

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